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With over 30 years experience in the casting industry, Kevin has witnessed such things as the invention of the fax machine, beta machines, VHS, ¾” tape, the internet!,  DVD’s, and now uploads and digital casting services. One thing that hasn’t changed is Kevin’s passion for actors and finding the right fit between actor and client.

Kevin has worked in New York City, Los Angeles and his home state of Texas.  As a leading authority of talent in the state of Texas, Kevin has cast projects from Marfa to Midland and Corpus Christi to Corsicana and all points in between. He specializes in commercial casting for regional and national spots.

Over the years, Kevin has worked with national and international advertising agencies as well as local agencies.  No stranger to film and television casting, Kevin has worked with directors Oliver Stone, Spike Lee and many others.

Recent Clients:

The Richards Group

The Marketing Arm

Calise Agency

Tracey Locke

Rockfish Interactive
Coolfire Media
Barbershop Marketing
Commerce House
Sherry Mathews
Bernstein Rein

Saatchi and Saatchi

Client: Taco Bueno

Agency: Calise Agency
Production Company: Reveal Productions
Director: Glenn Ashley

Actor: Shawn Frambach

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